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Over half a century ago, Sid Fienberg, the son of immigrant European dairy farmers, had a dream of producing premium ice cream using only the best ingredients. Several years later, that dream came to fruition when he opened The Ice Creamery. In a small store in Fullerton, California, Sid, late at night with a single batch freezer, would make premium ice cream in an assortment of flavors. He then sold it, one scoop at a time, to eager customers the following day.

Today, we still embrace Sid's original goal of making the best and freshest ice cream possible, but little else remains the same. We have grown to produce and distribute enough ice cream to serve over 100 million people worldwide. Our assortment of frozen desserts has expanded as well to include low-fat ice cream, non-fat ice cream, no sugar added ice cream, sherbet, sorbet, gelato, and non-dairy frozen dessert.

The Ice Creamery continues to bring new flavors and frozen desserts to our customers. We now carry over 200 frozen desserts, including Egg Nog ice cream, Dulce de Leche gelato, and Cookies 'N Cream frozen yogurt, as well as custom manufactured products, such as Diedrich Coffee ice cream. This commitment to innovation is what has kept The Ice Creamery going for over 50 years.